Implementing the $25K Executive Time Management Technique

Ivy Lee's productivity technique may not be as practical in today's high-pace work environment, where distractions and multiple simultaneous projects are much more common. After all, can you really work on just one item from start to finish until you are done with it? For most executives, that's just not practical. Your executive coach can help you adapt this technique to your own situation and needs, but here's one simple adjustment that you can use to adapt this method to today's … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching Productivity Tip – Urgency vs. Importance

Here's another executive coaching question from a reader... Q: When do you conclude that a task is urgent and not important or important and not urgent? A: Here are some ideas to help you determine whether a task is important or not... 1) What are the benefits? What are some of the benefits that you'll receive from completing this task. The more important the benefits, the more important the task. 2) What would happen if you didn't do this task? Ask yourself what would be the … [Read more...]

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