Executive Coaching Tips for Improving Leadership Skills

Skill as a leader is not an inborn, accidental trait. Great leaders may make it seem easy to lead, but behind their polish is conscious effort to be better guides and serve as an example for their teams.  Toward that end, here are four executive coaching tips for improving your leadership skills. Maintain A Positive Attitude The power of positive thinking may seem like feel-good philosophy to some, but a positive attitude has power in more ways than one.  It helps you to provide your … [Read more...]

11 Qualities of Great Leaders

In the modern world of business, leadership often counts for as much, if not more, than job-specific skills. It is not enough anymore to be the best at your profession; now you must also be an effective leader if you want to be successful. That's why leadership is such a big component of executive coaching. Today I want to share with you 11 attributes of great leaders as described by Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich. 1. UNWAVERING COURAGE Based upon knowledge of self and of one's … [Read more...]

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