Executive Coaching Tip – Is Working Long Hours Counterproductive?

An important executive coaching principle is that when you have too much to do for the time available, working harder or longer is not always the best choice. Working harder or longer can lead to decreased productivity because we are not machines. When we are constantly overloaded with too much work, our productivity can quickly begin to suffer. This is particularly true in knowledge and executive work, where creativity, concentration, ingenuity, and problem solving are essential parts of … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching To Create A More Positive Work Environment

In order to enjoy a positive environment at work, everyone needs to contribute and executive coaching can help. High employee morale works when people buy in to the idea of a mutually supportive atmosphere.  This only happens when everyone accepts accountability.  That also includes being responsible for enhancing the overall corporate culture, not just showing up and doing your job in your little part of the company.  For managers, the responsibility is even greater; they need to shape and … [Read more...]

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