Increasing Employee Motivation Through Executive Coaching

Increasing employee motivation in the workplace is critical to the success of any business. Some employees may start out highly motivated and slowly “cool off” over time. Others may start out a bit rough and simply not be improving quickly enough. Either way, lack of motivation can cost a great deal over the long term in both revenue and productivity.

There are several things that executives can do to make increasing employee motivation easier. The first is to make employees feel important. You can do this by creating an atmosphere in the office that says you are open to employee needs, concerns, and suggestions. Employees who feel valued by their bosses work harder.

Another way to motivate employees is to help them plan their career and point out the opportunities for advancement. Most people want to know that there is a chance of gaining a promotion if they show that they are ready to handle additional responsibility. If they feel that their job is a dead end, they tend to stop caring as much.

Work with employees’ strengths. Some people are good planners. Others are great at the physical labor, but need a set of plans from which to work for optimum performance. Know which type of employee each person is and put them in positions that allow them to maximize their performance using their strengths, talents and skills. Know which ones are strong leaders and who is a better follower.

Financial incentives are among the most popular employee motivators. Offering a bonus if a project is completed in a certain time frame tends to get employees working harder to be sure they meet the deadline. However, not all incentives have to be monetary. Create a program that names an employee of the month and allow that person to park in a special place closer to the office. This simple recognition will go a long way with all employees.

Provide educational opportunities for employees. Have them attend seminars that address their particular talents and strengths as well as areas that need improvement. Suggest they take relevant courses at a community college with the company paying tuition for courses that directly apply to the employee’s work and potential advancement.

Informal get togethers such as a pizza party at lunchtime should be held once in a while at irregular intervals. It should not be something that employees expect or plan for. Instead, simply announce that the company will be providing lunch that day and have food delivered. Executives and managers can spend some time in a more social setting with employees. This will help to make the workplace more inviting and motivate employees to earn these breaks from the routine.

The final, and most important, tip for increasing employee motivation is to keep promises made to employees. If an employee is promised a bonus for achieving a goal, do not fail to give the bonus if earned. It only takes one such failure to dishearten an entire work force. Not only would the recipient of the broken promise lose faith in the company, everyone he/she talks to would lose faith as well.

These are just some executive coaching tips to help you get started. Working with your executive coach, you can develop an employee motivation plan that is uniquely suited to your situation and needs.

Keep in mind that executives and managers (even senior executives) also need to be motivated to perform at their best. Corporate executive coaching is a great way to provide top executives with voluntary access to an executive coach to help them perform at their best.

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