Focus With Flexibility In Executive Coaching

One of the key ideas in executive coaching is that in order to achieve, you not only need to set goals, you need to have the focus and discipline to work at them. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, saying that you want to lose fifteen pounds is not enough. You need to exercise almost daily and eat a healthy and balanced diet in order to make progress.

However, being focused all the time can actually hinder you. The problem is that when you remain focused, it is easy to miss opportunities unless you remain aware and stay flexible. Let’s say your goal is to increase your division’s sales. You are so focused on that goal, you decide to stay at work and skip the awards gala for your local chamber of commerce. Later you discover that a major player in your industry was there and you missed a potential opportunity for creating a valuable relationship.

So, how do you become flexible without fear of losing out? Here are some executive coaching suggestions that will help you loosen up.

What is flexibility? When you are flexible, you become open to the possibility that your goals can change. It also helps you discover new possibilities. This is similar to spontaneity. However, unlike being spontaneous, flexibility helps you understand that even though you have goals, there is room to change and expand them.

Consider the potential. Every situation has the potential to help you achieve your goals. You just may not realize it. But be careful, just because you consider each situation, it doesn’t mean you need to do everything. That’s unrealistic. You need a healthy balance between focus and flexibility.

Stay true to yourself. If you need help trying to figure out which situations to consider, staying true to yourself is a good rule to live by. Ask yourself if the opportunity seems like one to explore. Trust your intuition and gut feelings.

Experience something new. When you experience new things, it can open up your life to new possibilities. You could realize you have a talent for it. It is okay to change your goals as you expand and grow.

Room to grow. The main objective to remaining flexible is to give yourself room to grow. Goals are great, but there may be something out there that is even better. Life has a way of changing the rules. Your job is to remain flexible and embrace the possibilities.

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