Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a step-by-step coaching process to help executives, managers and employees improve overall team performance and productivity. It’s a type of coaching that can be performed by an outside executive coach working in individual or group settings, or that can be taught and used by senior executives, team leaders and managers when working with their team.

Performance coaching is valuable because it provides much faster feedback than traditional performance review processes and therefore produces faster results, often without the need for negative reviews or disciplinary actions.

In most cases, a company’s employees are its greatest asset and investments made in employee development and mentoring through performance coaching tend to produce substantial benefits.

Performance Coaching Strategies

There are various strategies and styles of coaching that can be used to improve the overall performance of a team. Some performance coaching can focus on top performers to keep them engaged, motivated and focused on their core strengths.

Other types of coaching can focus on improving performance of team members who may not be performing at the same level. In this case, coaching may involve assessing skills, talents, strengths, focus and motivation to analyze and identify the root causes of the performance gap.

Once the reasons for the performance gap are better understood, performance coaching can help devise specific strategies for improving overall team performance focusing on the individual opportunities that would provide the maximum value.

Opportunities For Performance Coaching

One of the best ways to implement performance coaching in your organization is to take advantage of problems, challenges and difficult situations and see them as “opportunities” for learning and growth. One of the best ways to truly learn and improve is through direct experience, by noticing the effects of our actions and trying something new.

If we don’t learn from our experiences and mistakes, then the same type of problems, challenges and issues tend to keep repeating and “showing up” again.

That’s why these natural “opportunities” tend to be the most valuable times to practice and apply performance coaching.

Performance Coaching For Leaders and Managers

While outside coaches can perform most of the work in performance coaching, the best results often come when team leaders, executives and managers become involved and take on more of the coaching role.

Think about how much time you spend working with employees and coaching them to improve their individual performance. In most organizations, this time can be quite limited. Part of the reason is that managers and leaders don’t know about the importance and benefits of this type of coaching, and even if they do, they may not know how to do it or may not have the required coaching skills.

That’s why developing performance coaching skills in leaders and managers can be a valuable investment with a very good ROI.

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