Executive Coaching Consultant

An executive coach often has to play the role of an executive consultant in addition to that of a coach. What’s the difference?

Similar to the role of a sports coaching, executive coaching is focused on improving individual performance through the use of inspiring visions, setting goals, creating systems and structures, building skills, focusing on execution and setting up accountability. It’s about finding what is most motivating and important to YOU and using it to help you develop and grow as an executive and leader. It’s about helping you perform at your best.

Typical results of executive coaching include greater clarity, setting clear, compelling goals, creating strategies and action plans, setting up systems and structures to help you execute, developing key skills, talents and abilities, and creating accountability.

Executive consulting provides more of a mentoring and guiding role focusing on specific areas like strategic planning, leadership, marketing, networking or whatever else you need to move forward on a specific project.

The main focus of consulting is to help you work on and complete a specific project that will enhance your career and help you achieve your goals.

In reality, many executive coaches follow a “hybrid” approach that includes elements of both executive coaching and consulting based on the specific situation and needs of the client.

That approach tends to provide the most benefits and best results for the client who gets a combination of advice and expertise when needed, mentoring and counseling to help through challenges or difficult decisions, developing key skills for advancement, motivation and insights to overcome obstacles and structure to help you perform at your best.

That’s why an executive coaching consultant can offer you the best of both worlds.

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