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Executive coaching is similar, but not exactly the same as business coaching. The goal of an executive coach is to work with an executive, manager, leader or CEO to increase performance and help the client achieve their own personal career goals while aligning them withing the context of the larger corporate goals.

While an executive coach can help with many different organizational challenges, we typically focus on high leverage areas like productivity, leadership, networking, management style, teamwork, influence & persuasion and career advancement to start with. Once the fundamentals are fully explored, then you can explore other areas.

Executive coaches help executives achieve both personal and corporate goals through a combination of clarifying goals, developing strategic plans, creating a support structure with built-in accountability, and empowering the client through execution.

Working With An Executive Coach

Executive coaching has grown dramatically over the past decade.

Your executive coach starts by helping you clarify your career and personal goals. This clarifying process is often most valuable aspect of working with an executive coach.

After determining what you want to accomplish why you want to accomplish it, your executive coach helps you develop a strategy for moving from your current situation toward your goals. Then you’ll develop action plans and tactics along with your executive coach to break down this high-level strategy into doable steps that you carry out.

Your executive coach can also help you set up the systems and accountability that makes it much more likely that you’ll actually achieve your goals and outcomes you want. This aspect of executive coaching may include developing new habits, changing behaviors and learning new skills.

Remember that your executive coach is there to encourage and support you – while also providing the motivation, structure and accountability that will help you achieve long-term results.

Ways To Work With An Executive Coach

There are lots of ways to with an executive coach to achieve your goals while overcoming any challenges that stand in your way.

1) Personal Executive Coaching – One option is to work with an executive coach “one-on-one”. Most executive coaches work in 50 minute coaching sessions with 3 or 4 sessions per month. These regular coaching sessions are very helpful to provide the accountability and support that you need to take effective action, perform at your best and continue making progress through setbacks and obstacles.

One-on-one executive coaching is tailored and customized to your unique needs and situation. Your executive coach works closely with you to determine the best executive coaching format and frequency based on your needs and goals.

2) Group Coaching – Another way to work with an executive coach is through “group coaching” programs where you participate in a group executive coaching sessions with other clients. This is a more affordable option than one-on-one coaching, but doesn’t provide the same level of individual attention and support. Some clients use a combination of group and personal coaching to achieve the best and most cost-effective results.

3) Executive Coaching programs – This is another excellent low cost option that can provide a framework or structure to help you achieve your goals. While it doesn’t provide the same access to the executive coach as the other options, this might be a good way to get started and decide if executive coaching is for you.

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