Corporate Executive Coaching

Corporate executive coaching focuses on aligning individual executive goals, career aspirations and performance with your organization’s mission, values, vision and strategic objectives. By working with individual executives within the context of the organization, corporate executive coaching can achieve alignment and synergy beyond just personal coaching.

Corporate executive coaching helps executives get clear about what’s most important, set goals, develop plans to accomplish it and execute them effectively. Your coach can help with leadership skills, building relationships/networking, decision making, productivity and time management, in an empowering and supportive environment that helps you execute and perform at your best.

Corporate executive coaching is committed to individual performance, but within the context of the organization’s objectives, so it brings higher-level benefits to both the individual client and the organization as a whole.

Executive coaching is more than just training, because it’s specifically adapted to the specific challenges and opportunities that executives are facing right now. Your executive coach can help you focus on your strengths, gain clarity and perspective, solve problems effectively, establish plans and priorities and seize opportunities.

Benefits of Corporate Executive Coaching

Some of the benefits of executive coaching include:

  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Honest feedback and perspective in decision making, strategic planning and goal setting
  • More clarity regarding mission, vision, goals, values and career aspirations (aligned with corporate objectives)
  • Establishing priorities and figuring out what is most important and valuable to do
  • Focus on your strengths and highest-leverage projects/goals
  • Overcoming obstacles and barriers (both internal and external)
  • Achieve better results and outcomes
  • Help design action plans, effective routines and habits
  • Support and accountability to execute and get things done

Corporate Executive Coaching Packages

Executive coaching is a process that can be offered in different ways depending on the needs of the individual and organization. Executive coaches can work one-on-one with individuals, group coaching for teams, during on-site special events. Executive coaching can be delivered in person if required, but most often works equally well when done off site over the telephone or Internet.

Depending on your needs, corporate executive coaching can be enhanced with individual or team training programs or development packages.

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