Executive Coaching Tips for Dealing With Negative Criticism

Some executive coaching clients have a difficult time dealing with negative criticism. This is an important skill to learn because it’s not only part of human nature, but as an executive, the more exposure and visibility you get, the more criticism will flow your way.  As difficult as it can be to handle negative criticism, you can turn it into a benefit if you understand how to manage it effectively and in a more positive way. Here are 5 executive coaching tips to help you handle negative … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching Tips for Improving Leadership Skills

Skill as a leader is not an inborn, accidental trait. Great leaders may make it seem easy to lead, but behind their polish is conscious effort to be better guides and serve as an example for their teams.  Toward that end, here are four executive coaching tips for improving your leadership skills. Maintain A Positive Attitude The power of positive thinking may seem like feel-good philosophy to some, but a positive attitude has power in more ways than one.  It helps you to provide your … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching & Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is more important than ever for executive leaders.  At a time when the business world seems to be increasingly turbulent and cutthroat, doing good work and keeping top talent depend on emotionally aware leadership teams. Talent hits the door while results slump in workplaces devoid of emotional leadership, putting hard numbers around "soft" business practices.  By understanding all of the places having emotional intelligence counts in business, it can take its rightful … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching & Office Politics

Regardless of the company that you work for, one of the challenges that many executive coaching clients face is dealing with office politics.  The overall atmosphere and level of politics can vary greatly.  As an executive, it's crucial to know how to survive and even thrive regardless of the office politic dynamics in your company.  The good news is there are ways to work around it and to even make it work for you.  So before you allow it to frustrate you, take a step back and think about what … [Read more...]

Increasing Employee Motivation Through Executive Coaching

Increasing employee motivation in the workplace is critical to the success of any business. Some employees may start out highly motivated and slowly "cool off" over time. Others may start out a bit rough and simply not be improving quickly enough. Either way, lack of motivation can cost a great deal over the long term in both revenue and productivity. There are several things that executives can do to make increasing employee motivation easier. The first is to make employees feel important. … [Read more...]

Focus With Flexibility In Executive Coaching

One of the key ideas in executive coaching is that in order to achieve, you not only need to set goals, you need to have the focus and discipline to work at them. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, saying that you want to lose fifteen pounds is not enough. You need to exercise almost daily and eat a healthy and balanced diet in order to make progress. However, being focused all the time can actually hinder you. The problem is that when you remain focused, it is easy to miss … [Read more...]

The Power of Integrity for Executives

Executives hear the word "integrity" quite a bit. The car dealer down the street claims to operate with integrity, the online retailer says they will handle your personal information with integrity, or the person you are interviewing for a job says that integrity is their greatest strength.  But what, exactly, does integrity mean?  And why is it so important in executive coaching, in business and in life? What does integrity mean? The definition of integrity according to the Encarta … [Read more...]

11 Qualities of Great Leaders

In the modern world of business, leadership often counts for as much, if not more, than job-specific skills. It is not enough anymore to be the best at your profession; now you must also be an effective leader if you want to be successful. That's why leadership is such a big component of executive coaching. Today I want to share with you 11 attributes of great leaders as described by Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich. 1. UNWAVERING COURAGE Based upon knowledge of self and of one's … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching Productivity Tip – Urgency vs. Importance

Here's another executive coaching question from a reader... Q: When do you conclude that a task is urgent and not important or important and not urgent? A: Here are some ideas to help you determine whether a task is important or not... 1) What are the benefits? What are some of the benefits that you'll receive from completing this task. The more important the benefits, the more important the task. 2) What would happen if you didn't do this task? Ask yourself what would be the … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching – How To Get Your Boss To Listen To Your Ideas

Here is an executive coaching question from a reader... Q: This question is in regards to 'Management by Crisis', or what some of us refer to as chronic 'Fire Fighting'. I strongly agree with the comments made in the recent Q&A on How to Deal with a Crisis. My question is: When an organization is actually being managed this way (it is actually a paradigm), what kinds of things do you suggest in influencing upper level management to move to practices that prevent fires rather than … [Read more...]

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